Water stories from the heart

By Joep from Nextblue

A bi-weekly update for water enthusiasts and climate experts.

A bi-weekly update for water enthusiasts and climate experts.

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Green shoots

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Join us at “How to Save the Sundarbans?” 🌳

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Climate Information Services for a resilient Bangladesh



Navigating the dry shores of the Blue Nile

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Afghanistan: The twin challenge of climate and conflict

Welcome.This week, we’ll talk about Afghanistan. We have a Q&A and a story by Sanaullah Salam, who is a water management specialist from Afghanistan, currently studying at IHE Delft Institute for Water Education in the Netherlands. Let’s dive in.


Depleting groundwater leaves residents without potable water

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Good to see you!This week I write you in this special newsletter to inform you about our new offering! We know you care about water, and so you are reading this.At Nextblue, we are trying to build a community of people who, like you, share common views on the…


Tuning to the heartbeat of delta

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Making Waves Podcast 🎤

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River deltas

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Too much, too little water

Thanks for joining. For this issue, we have a short write-up by Joks Janssen who wrote a an interesting post on LinkedIn about drought and irrigation problems in a particular part of the Netherlands. We'll also read and watch our latest stories. Enjoy!


'The Source of Life' is out now 🐟

Hi there,Welcome back.Last week, we have released a new documentary film: 'The Source of Life'.It's about the importance of freshwater ecosystems. We highlight projects and stories from people on the ground in India, Vietnam, and Thailand. How do they value t…


'Go social. For climate.' is out now 🌏

Hi there,I hope you have a nice weekend.Yesterday, we have released a new documentary film: "Go social. For climate."It was a great pleasure to discuss the role of social media and digital technologies in building resilience in southeast Asia.


Here comes the flood!

Hi there,I hope your weekend is going well.This is the third (and last) newsletter interview about the current state of water management in the Netherlands.We have published interviews with Dutch Delta Programme Commissioner Peter Glas and Dutch water envoy H…


"All hands on deck for the Netherlands to deliver now"

Hello all,Thanks for joining me this week. Through a series of newsletter interviews, we find out about the link between climate change and water, government’s initiatives and citizens’ responsibilities. We explore the prospect of the Netherlands leading wate…


“Every development should be climate proof”

Hi there,Thanks for joining me for what I hope will be a particularly valuable issue of Water Stories from the Heart.Aggravated by climate change, there is a surge in sea level rise, floods, droughts and heat waves, and an increasing pressure on river deltas.…


Your gift makes a difference! 🙏🏽

Hello readers, At Nextblue, we begin our journey this new year with renewed hope, knowing that you will continue to travel along with us.Your support, much like water, is the lifeline for our work. With it, we reach out to some of the most vulnerable communit…


We were sustained by small kindnesses

Hi there,As 2021 draws to a close, the world is facing numerous crises. The COVID-19 pandemic is far from over. The climate crisis is here. Droughts, heatwaves and floods are increasing. Despite the challenging situation, we can change course by moving from d…


Social media and its role in fighting climate change

Hi there,Thank you for joining me this week.We have recently launched our programme Towards a climate resilient society for all — through social media granted by Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) with support from the Swedish government (SIDA). Niall O’Co…


Water and climate change stories in Kenya

Hi there,Thank you for joining me this week.I would like to introduce you to freelance journalist and editor Geoffrey Kamadi from Kenya. He will cover our stories from the African continent. Geoffrey wrote this very interesting piece about the Tana River in 2…