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Making Waves Podcast 🎤

Joep from Nextblue
Joep from Nextblue
Good to see you!
This week, we have something special for you! We are starting a new podcast series, Making Waves. Here, our storytellers narrate their experiences from the ground.
Harnessing the power of speech
In today’s busy world, many of you might have been missing some of the interesting stories on water at Nextblue. That’s why we are coming up with a podcast, which you can listen to on the go.
In a 15 minutes-long podcast every month, our storytellers not just talk about stories, but also express their emotions, knowledge, and experience in an engaging manner.
You’ll also hear from scientists and local communities dealing with water issues around the world. What happens when the water is too much, too little or too dirty?
With a broad focus on water justice, resilience, and adaptation, each short and crisp episode would focus on one specific water-related topic.
We don’t just want to talk about problems, we want to focus on solutions. Therefore, adaptations and actions are crucial to our stories.
We, at Nextblue, have been empowering the voices of communities for years. And we want to share with you what we have learned. So that you, your community and your leaders can make well-informed decisions about water management.
Are you ready to learn about water?
Listen to the podcast here: available across platforms, from Spotify to Apple Podcasts.
Let’s talk about water
In each newsletter, a storyteller will join us to talk about water. 
Our first guest is Vincent Edeh. Vincent is podcast host for Nextblue, journalist, and voice-over actor. He is from Nigeria and currently works in the Netherlands.
Vincent Edeh
Vincent Edeh
Why are you passionate about water?
Back in the days, my family was a victim of flooding. I usually take that experience as the day I became a full-grown adult. Even though I was a teenager back then, I took responsibility to ensure that my family and everyone around me stayed safe. This made me to become passionate about water and to lend my voice to the climate change issue.
Why are stories important to you?
Stories are one of the easiest ways to connect with people or to get to people’s heart. It’s something that people can relate with, and in the instance of climate change I would say, it’s one of the gateways to touch humanity  to realise that something has to be done about climate change.
What’s your favorite podcast?
What’s the best thing you’ve read about water this month?
Well, I was very happy when I read the news that a low-cost gel film can pluck drinking from dry air. This is a scientific breakthrough by researchers and scientists at the University of Texas. It means that people living in dry lands can now have access to safe drinking water using this technology. That’s a plus to the world!
Who’s the Twitter follow that you recommend others?
@Nextbluestories because there you’ll read about and listen to water stories that matters.
Tweet of the Week
💧🕊️ Joep Janssen
A record 100 million people forcibly displaced worldwide, says @Refugees.

A wake-up call to resolve and prevent:

1. Conflicts
2. Climate change
3. Human rights violations
4. Disasters
5. COVID-19
Wrap up
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Joep from Nextblue
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